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If you are NOT VIEWING a PDF (below) or the FORCE DOWNLOAD PDF FILE link (above) does not force the PDF file to be downloaded to your computer ... please review this FAQ, then take action to remedy the problem according to the recommendations in the FAQ.

Once you believe you have solved this challenge, use the Test Browser & PDFs page (create a bookmark or see link on the left-side navigation panel) to verify a single page PDF. A simple multi-page PDF can easily be verified by clicking over to the Inst. Guide & Driving Logs page. Wash, rinse, and repeat using the FAQ as a guideline as often as needed to verify functionality before proceeding.

If your current setup can not handle both PDF functionality pages (listed above), then your current configuration combination ... device + browser + plugins + settings, etc. ... needs to be changed to something different until a time when it does function properly in a configuation combination that works for you.

If you change (or your student changes) to a different device combination, you may need to fully test and configure it using the methods described above and in the FAQ to make it useable as well.

If you ARE VIEWING a PDF (seen below), the PDF has been sent successfully to your web browser. The PDF controls (inside the frame that contains the PDF) should allow you to download a copy to your computer (to access many times later), Print, or both as often as you like.

Downloading a PDF to your computer (to use many times later) is a little different than viewing the PDF. Yes, a download occurs to view the PDF in the web browser. At that moment, the PDF is ONLY available to the web browser. Once you close the tab viewing the PDF, the copy you see is no longer easily available to you to use later.

If you want to view it outside of the web browser, or send in email, or print (not from the web browser), you must make the PDF available to a PDF viewing app or PDF viewing plugin by saving a local copy (downloading) to your computer using the PDF control buttons/icons seen it the frame containing the PDF.


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