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Approved Course 133

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Driving school 4 me allows you to take the DPS permit test with us online.  Do not go to other online schools when you can do all the testing with us.

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State of Texas Approved Parent Taught &  online  Teen Course 133 Driver’s License Education

On-line Parent taught   FULL course: Looking to do online drivers ed or You looking to do Parent Taught.  This course includes both the online courses and parent taught course. (Includes all the class & driving requirements) Meets all of the requirements for both the classroom and in-car phases of driver’s education. You work through each module at your own pace and take a quiz at the end of each portion. Then you can take the permit test with us online That easy. (Yes that means no written test at the DPS.)


Behind-The-Wheel ONLY. PLEASE READ: You only need this one if you have done class some where else(example High school or Regular driving school.)   This course meets all the requirements of the in-car phase.  (This means you have completed all of  the classroom phase at a driving school or your local high school and you are needing to do drive times at home). A certificate is provided (DE-964) for you to take to the DPS to obtain your driver’s license.  Again this choice is only if you have already taken class and have a permit already.

Online Education

The Texas Department of Public Safety (TDOT) allows driver ed to be completed outside of the classroom if the course is part of the approved parent-taught driver education program. This program, also known as PTDE, helps students and parents connect on the important topics of driving safety and ensures qualified adult guidance during driving hours.

How Does it Work?

Each student and parent is required to request approval to complete the parent-taught driver education by completing a TDLR application. Once you have been approved, the TDLR will send you a Parent Taught Driver Ed Packet filled with information and forms. Once your TDLR packet has been received, you will be able to begin the online course material necessary to apply for your first Texas learner’s license and driver’s license.

Texas Drivers Permit

Teens 15-17 can apply for their drivers permit after completion of the 1st unit. The student and parent or legal guardian must bring all required forms (which are included in the packet you receive from the TDLR) to their local Texas Department of Public Safety office.

Our course offer the online permit test. 

Students using our parent-taught program will take th permit test online after they finish module one.

● Courses are total of 32 hours, as required by Texas state law.

● The student may begin a course at 14 years of age, but must be 15 years of age to apply for a Learner’s Permit.

● Each course has a total of twelve modules, each with an end-of-module quiz. Students have an unlimited number of attempts at passing these quizzes. A passing score is 70% or higher.

● The student must pass a 20-question final exam with a score of 70% or higher.

● The student must complete 44 hours of behind-the-wheel training, 10 of which are at night, in order to earn a Driver’s License. The Parent-Taught course is designed so the student’s parent/legal guardian will act as the behind-the-wheel instructor. The Texas Online Driver Education course only covers in class training and leaves the option open as to whether a parent/legal guardian or a certified instructor oversees the behind-the-wheel training.

● Once the first module of either course has been completed, the student may apply for a Texas Learner’s Permit.