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There will be a DOCUMENT (and video) in Module Zero of your WorkCenter to show you what is REQUIRED before going to the TX DPS.

We want YOU to avoid embarrassment and/or unnecessary trips.

We offer the DPS road test. Please call 281-345-4177 for more information.

We can test you today. for more information.

We can test you today.

General assistance is available by calling the office helpline at 210-610-3119 (San Antonio), 214-983-1554 (Dallas), 281-345-4177 (Houston), 409-748-8044 (Beaumont), or 806-414-8832 (West TX) and/or by sending email to are both available.

Coursework Completion ...
You have 10 months from your original date of enrollment (purchase) to complete your coursework to obtain a DE964 to obtain your State of Texas Drivers License.
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FAQ Section Below
A Before-You-Begin List of Recommended Reads by Texas DPS
Account Creation
Account Types
Additional Requirements
All About Coursework (Learning or Teaching)
All About the VOE (Verification Of Enrollment)
Best Practices
Cancellation / Refunds
DE-964 Certificate
Driving course for 18 years & older
Driving Test
Getting Official Texas Documents
Instruction Guide, Classroom & Driving Logs,
ITTD (Impact Texas Teen Driver)
Learner Permit
Learner Permit Testing
Parent Inelligibilty
PayPal and Payment Processing
Provisional License
State Approvals and Certifications
System Passwords
Taking Quizzes & Permit Test
Technical / Web Browser (incl. PDFs)
Transfers - Does / Can ____ Transfer to ____ ?
WorkCenter Questions & Task Tile Colors
WorkCenter Questions & Task Tile Colors
What is a WorkCenter? How does it work?

The WorkCenter is a multi-colored grid of task tiles that are grouped by modules. It is to be worked from left- to right- and top- to bottom- by always clicking on the most recently opened green task tile.

You can view the WorkCenter appearance (and brief description) by opening up another web browser tab clicking HERE.

Each module has a different thing to teach you. Module ZERO is the module that has the basic checklist you need when going to the DPS. The View Info tile on that line has two part to it (mostly). The upper half deals with what you need to get a learners permit. The bottom half deals with what you need for operators license. The video tile gives more clues as to what the DPS will be looking at for the DE964 that you will take to the DPS to get the learners permit.

The general rules of the WorkCenter is...

Between tasks, click the big yellow View Coursework button at the top to refresh the WorkCenter grid.

For example, if you were to click module #1 learn (green), before you see the PDF learning document downloading to your web browser, the record in the database for the mod #1 quiz has already changed ... to show green.


... but ... if you do not click the big yellow View Coursework button, you will NEVER see it turn green in order to take the quiz.


Do something ... refresh click ... do something ... refresh click ... wash, rinse, repeat.

Quizzes and tests only pass with a minimum of 70% grade .. once you do, you'll see the color change to this shade of purple and the beginning and ending times and passing percentage will show.


Quizzes can taken as often as you like.. even to the point of abusing yourself if you so choose.

The permit test (after the module #1 quiz) can only be administered once every 24 hour period. If you fail it, it will change to yellow and a 24-hour wait timer will begin before you are permitted the next time.. Please remember the WorkCenter ONLY refreshes when what happens? That's right, when a click of the bright yellow View Coursework button occurs. To see the Wait Timer decrease time, you have to refresh the page.

WHILE TAKING a QUIZ or PERMIT TEST, IF WorkCenter is REFRESHED, it will look like this
IF YOU FAIL the PERMIT TEST, it changes YELLOW and you see a WAIT time
AFTER YOU PASS, it changes PURPLE like the quiz does.

Clicking GREEN tiles unlock RED tiles. Only TIME unlocks YELLOW tiles.

If you use Google Chrome or Firefox on a laptop/desktop, you'll have no problems.

If you change to a hand-held device, use the TESTING BROWSER & PDF link in the upper-left corner to test the ability of the mobile browser.

The TESTING BROWSER & PDF page will send an inline single-page PDF to a frame on the page AND with a click on the FORCE DOWNLOAD PDF file link, it will send an attached PDF to the browser. Surprisingly, mobile web browsers have differing degrees of success with that. Follow the FAQ on that testing page to remedy the situation before continuing with a mobile web browser on a hand-held device.

if a tile gets "stuck" and does not change to GREEN when you expect it to, contacting General Help telling us the student name (  DOB) and the stuck tile location (module row number and tile type). It usually happens between 1-3 times a day that a message from somebody that a cell is not opening as it should. When I see that, we'll login and force it open for you.

As far as quizzes go, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use a hand-held device with quizzes (and the permit test) being as they do not handle web sessions in the same manner as laptop/desktop web browsers do. If you HAVE to use it, you may find that after you go off to do Spotify, or Text a friend, or snap them in Snapchat, whatever .. that when you get back, you might be back at the first question. Do not worry that it will have forgotten anything. If it restarts you there, it should remember your answers. Just click NEXT through each question until you get back to where you left off (the one without a response you answered) to continue. If you are not heeding recommendations using a mobile (phone) browser, you may find your examination operating very flakely. When this happens, you should contact general help to have the exam reset and then use a recommended laptop/desktop web browser to take the examination.

Technically, any examination is not officially finished until the FINISH button on the last question is clicked. It is important to get all the way to the end and click it for a pleasant experience.

Make note of the message at the start of a quiz/permit test and heed them. It is a pretty smooth process if you sit down, take it one question at a time, and then click to FINISH it. In a way, since the web session can not be fully controlled in mobile web browsers on hand-held devices, I expect a few more challenges to them that can be avoided if they were to use a much larger computer and web browser (like Google Chrome or Firefox on a laptop/desktop).

The very reason why that WorkCenter Info FAQ exists is the fact that the tech-guy, though lovable and friendly at most all times, does not want to get calls and text messages from students and parents that are not understanding how the WorkCenter works all the time.

The tech-guy and general help is assistance to literally thousands of students and can be quickly overwhelmed by emails, calls, and texts happening at the same time. WorkCenter operation requires some knowledge. If you ask for help about something that is already covered in the FAQs (that is YOUR responsibility to find) your question will be regarded as a mark of ignorance in being unwilling to learn the process. Officially, this site wants intelligent and smart drivers on the road. That starts with smart and intelligent student drivers that are resourceful when they are not behind the wheel.

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